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Dungeons & Dragons is a lot of fun. And nothing says fun quite like a character sheet, right? Yeah, we don't think so, either.

If you're using paper character sheets covered in notes and eraser smudges, or staring at yet another screen for more hours of your day, well, you're not doing it wrong... but you could be doing it righter.

The RPG Tracking System takes the chore of character tracking and transforms it into a fun and satisfying part of your game! With a unique tracker created for each and every character class, this system is a designed to be customized to exactly what you need for your character... or all of your characters!

What class do you play? Guess what? Doesn't matter. We got it. And, before you say it - that's right, I heard you inhale to ask - the system can manage multiclassing, too - you just use additional trackers. And you'll also get an added bonus... a more imposing table setup! After all, your Gunslinger/Bard, Bantonio Anderas, deserves to be showcased in all his glory.

Leveling up and adjusting your stats is a rewarding moment in a game. It should be fun! Unfortunately, though, it can often be a time-consuming chore. The RPG Tracking System makes it easy - and fun!

The system employs our trademark rare earth neodymium magnets and magnetic ball bearings. In addition, you can easily swap out your trackers to accommodate a new class. Or, if you’re done with your Thursday night game, just swap out trackers and you’re ready to roll for your Saturday session!

The Magnetic Tracker Tray takes things to the next level, with capacity for six Trackers, along with a designated rolling surface, all in one attractive package. Once you're done, pack it up and easily tuck it away.

We hear you out there: “Hey, I don’t use character sheets… I use DIGITAL character sheets! I’m from the FUTURE!” Well, that’s great… as long as you remembered to charge your tablet. And you don’t tap the wrong field and accidentally lower your AC instead of your HP. But hey, at least it’s great to unwind after a long week of staring at the harsh, cold glow of your monitor by gathering with friends, and… staring at a smaller monitor for another 4 hours - NAHT.

Crafted from maple, these trackers are available in every class offered in D&D 5E
Crafted from black walnut, the Tracker Keeper houses three Trackers (not included) of your choice. It features a magnetic lid and magnetic ball bearing storage.
Crafted from black walnut, the Magnetic Tracker Tray can be magnetically attached with up to two Tracker Keepers to create an all-in-one gaming setup.
Crafted from black walnut, the Brig is for the minimalist… or the disciplinarian! Track hp, saving throws, or death saves. The Brig is also an adorable Dice Jail!
The Track Rack is your storage solution to keep all of your Trackers organized when not in use. Simply slide Trackers into the slots, and enjoy the oh-so-satisfying 'click' as the magnets pull them into place, safe and secure, until you need them again. Holds up to 12 Trackers.


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